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From Toilet Block Hire to Storage Containers: 10 of the Temporary Buildings Essential for Festivals

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a global pause in festival culture, these widespread summer events remain an economic powerhouse. In ‘normal times’, festivals contribute to both nationwide and local economies. In the three years between 2014 and 2017, festivals generated as much as £1 billion in revenue. This, and the fact that festival-goers will be chomping at the bit to get back in a field next year, makes event organisation a lucrative business opportunity. However, it takes much more than punters and investment to make a good festival. The money poured in needs to go through the right channels and to practical solutions like toilet block hire and storage containers as well as booking the talent.

Without the infrastructure and logistics afforded by these temporary buildings, not many of your guests will come back the following year and the results could be chaotic. To find out some of the most essential temporary buildings for any festival organiser, read on. We also discuss how storage containers and other temporary buildings can be used creatively to produce a unique festival experience!

Toilet Block and Shower Block Hires

One of the most important necessities for any outdoor event or festival is ensuring that guests have hygiene facilities available to them. Securing toilet block hire services from professional providers is not only a logistic requirement but also a legal necessity. Generally, if an event lasts up to six hours with no food or alcohol sold, only one toilet is required for every 100 females and 500 males in attendance. The longer the event lasts, the more food and drink is sold and the more guests you have in attendance will define the number of toilet blocks and showers you will require.

Depending on the type of festival you are running, you may think about different toilet block options. Some toilet block hire options are designed with an eco-friendly focus, others are designed to be as sanitised as possible and others may provide superior space-saving options. When planning a festival which welcomes artists and VIPs as well as ticket-holders, it’s worth considering several different options in different areas - ‘posh’ toilet blocks in the VIP area, for example.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are a highly versatile type of temporary building which can be used in an almost infinite number of ways. Storage containers are cheap to buy or hire, easy to install and easy to move once the festival is finished. As such, they are an excellent way to house many of the hubs you’ll need for a festival to run smoothly. They are robust, can be insulated and weather-proof so, even if the heavens do open, they will stand up to the task. Here are just some of the ways they can be used at a festival.


No music, culture or art festival is complete without a wide range of delicious street food, cocktail bars and a variety of beets and ciders. Part of the joy of going to a festival to enjoy music and art is also discovering small pop-up food stalls serving delicious grub to keep you full all day. Many caterers and bar owners bring their own setups to serve their food or drink. However, there is the possibility to create an entire food court area made from storage containers. This can create an industrial-style marketplace within the confines of the festival for punters to congregate and enjoy lunch or a drink before an act.

Like Box Park in London, Cargo in Bristol or Hatch in Manchester, a village community feel can be created through a network of storage containers. This can provide a centralised hub for people to meet, buy food, merchandise, programmes and other products associated with the festival. Installing a storage container village like this can set your festival apart from the rest.


As well as large stages for artists to perform on, festivals are also about a number of the smaller and less-noticeable things that go on. For example, entertainment spaces dedicated to comedy, art classes or yoga lessons can be created using storage containers as their foundation. The size and flexibility of storage containers mean that they can be used as a venue for almost any type of entertainment space. From children’s entertainment to workshops, storage containers are perfect.


Every festival requires a robust security presence in the unfortunate event of someone committing a crime or causing trouble amongst the crowd. Storage containers can be placed at the opening of the festival as a secure location to keep people who may have been caught smuggling contraband into the festival site. Combining several storage containers can become a central security hub for the festival, hooked up electrically and providing a centre for the wider security needs.

Medical Facilities

As well as security, medical facilities also need to be available - especially for a large festival with many attendees and across many days. Accidents can strike at any time and there must be a centre for guests to get the medical attention they need. Although ambulances should be stationed for treatment, storage containers can be used as a holding area for those needing help. These containers can be used as an area to keep people warm and dry while they wait for trained paramedics and medical staff to tend to them.

Press and Green Room Areas

Press and ‘green room’ areas are vital for a festival which is likely to gain interest from the press. These areas create a space for artists to be interviewed and for journalists to write their reviews. You can create these areas using containers in the backstage areas of the festival.

Create a Festival Made Completely of Temporary Buildings!

A creative way to design a festival is to build it almost exclusively from temporary buildings, taking inspiration from events like Boomtown which creates an entire temporary city with themed ‘districts’. This festival has become one of the most popular summer festivals in Britain and is often lauded for its creativity in taking a different approach. Of course, there is no need to copy Boomtown’s idea exactly, but using containers could be an innovative way to create a festival. By sticking a number of them together, stacking them on top of each other and augmenting them to fit the needs of a festival, you could create an alluring space for summer revelry.

From using containers as a way to house some of the logistic and structural necessities of a festival to being more creative with festival design, there are plenty of ways to use containers in a festival or outdoor event.

Looking For Professionals To Provide Toilet Block Hire and Storage Containers For Your Site or Event? Contact Manchester Cabins To Find Out More

Whether you are a site manager or an event organiser requiring temporary building hire in the North West of England, look no further than Manchester Cabins. We have a wide range of toilet block hire services, as well as the opportunity to rent storage containers for a wide variety of uses.

Our portable buildings in Manchester are perfect for a wide range of requirements. They are suitable to ensure security and efficient management on a construction site or as a location for bars at a festival. Our portable toilet blocks are just as flexible and versatile. We have a wide selection of options available, from standard toilet blocks to deluxe options.

To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today. You can find us at Tweedale Way, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 7LD. Alternatively, call us on 0161 684 3333 or email us at

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