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From Anti-Vandal Cabin Container Hire to Physical Security: How to Protect Your Site From Crime

It’s an unfortunate reality that the construction industry is particularly vulnerable to crime. Each year, the UK’s construction industry loses around £800 million as a direct result of crime. Two of the most common crimes to take place are vandalism and theft. The frequency of these crimes puts financial pressure on projects as well as significant delays and even increased insurance premiums for the industry at large. Theft, above all other crimes, is the biggest threat to the construction industry. Studies have shown that as much as 92% of construction professionals have experienced a theft at least annually. These shocking statistics exhibit the urgent need for properly secured container hire structures and temporary buildings on sites.

To guide you on best practice, we’ve listed a few of the best ways to properly secure your site and protect your business from theft. From installing anti-vandal container hire and employing physical security, we’ve comprehensively covered the subject.

Consider Container Hire Services, Like Anti-Vandal Cabins

Most construction sites will feature container hire structures and temporary buildings. Used as offices and administrative hubs, these temporary buildings are essential to the efficient operation of construction sites. However, they are also often a target for criminals who are attempting theft. This is because they often house sensitive documents and other confidential or high-value items.

Anti-vandal cabins effectively protect high-value items. This type of container hire structure is robust and secure. Anti-vandal cabins are designed to withstand attempted break-ins. They’re often manufactured using thick metal containers and can be either single or double storied to increase space. Whether a criminal is attempting vandalisation of theft, this style of container hire can stand up to the task. As well as being secure, these temporary buildings are also low maintenance, durable and flexible for a range of applications.

Install an Extensive CCTV System

CCTV systems are one of the most tried and tested forms of security. By having a network of visible security cameras in place across your site, you can deter criminals from attempting to commit a crime. Most crimes are opportunistic and, as such, it’s critical to place as many deterrents as possible to discourage thieves from attempting anything. As well as providing a deterrent, CCTV cameras are a key way of collecting evidence if a crime does take place. If you do fall victim to theft, your cameras should pick up the activity and ensure the criminals are apprehended.

As well as being excellent for security, CCTV can also provide several other benefits for a construction site. These cameras can help monitor workers to ensure work is taking place efficiently and following health and safety regulation. CCTV can also assess the progress on-site and provide valuable insight into the use of resources.

Hire Security Guards To Patrol Your Temporary Buildings and Machinery

Employing security guards to patrol the temporary buildings on your site as well as the perimeter is a potent form of security. These trained professionals will be able to quickly identify any risks and act accordingly. They’re also trained to apprehend any criminals they find to ensure they don’t get away with theft.

Having more visual deterrents places another barrier for potential criminals to overcome. This reduces the risk of them attempting a crime in the first place.

Erect Fencing To Protect Your Container Hire Buildings, Inventory and Machinery

Erecting a perimeter fence around a construction site should be your first port of call when it comes to security. By installing gates and fences, you’re creating a physical barrier for criminals to have to cross. As well as making it harder for thieves to enter, fencing also creates a barrier to escape. When speed is critical for the success of a crime, these extra seconds and minutes can be decisive.

Working with professional fence suppliers, you can create a strong and durable temporary fence with as few weaknesses as possible. Combined with security guards and CCTV, this creates a comprehensive defence against crime.

Invest In Appropriate Lighting

Security lighting is another protective measure which works well alongside fencing, CCTV and a security guard presence.

By ensuring that sites are well-lit at all times, you can reduce the risk of burglary. Thieves want to operate in the dark where possible to protect their identity. By refusing them this benefit, you can diminish the likelihood of crime. Combining alarm-activated lights can be a particularly potent form of security. This type of system unites a loud noise with a bright light to alert site managers of an intruder.

Place Warning Signs

By placing warning signs, which warn potential intruders that they will be prosecuted if caught, you can further reduce the likelihood of a crime taking place. This measure places another deterrent in the way of a criminal who may be thinking of stealing from your construction site.

Use Robust Locks and Safes To Secure High-Value Items

If you have any high-value items, these must be kept particularly secure. To ensure the safety of any high-value items or pieces of equipment, use robust locks for protection. Industrial-strength locks can only be breached with the use of power tools, which would require planning and forethought from the criminal. It would also create a huge amount of noise, so it’s unlikely this would be attempted.

Similarly, smaller items can be stored in a secure safe. It’s best to place this safe in a secure location like your anti-vandal cabin. Ensure that all keys for these locks and safes are left off-site when leaving at the end of the day.

Tracking Devices

Placing tracking devices on high-value pieces of equipment or vehicles can help you retrieve them if a crime does take place. By being able to pass this critical data onto the relevant authorities, you can speed up the recovery process and ensure that you don’t lose valuable equipment.

This can also help to apprehend the criminals and make sure that they are brought to justice.

Insurance Coverage

Having a high-quality insurance policy is critical for any construction site. Having the right cover to protect you from theft, vandalism, other criminal activity and any accidents means that, if the worst were to happen, you wouldn’t have to fork out a fortune to retrieve your equipment.

Completing some research to ensure your covered for any eventuality is important. Doing so could save you thousands of pounds if a criminal did get away with theft.

Manchester Cabins: The Premier Manufacturer and Supplier of Anti-Vandal Cabins In The North West

If you’re looking for container hire or cabins for sale in the North West, look no further than Manchester Cabins. Our container hire services and temporary buildings are robust, reliable, versatile and cost-effective. From anti-vandal cabins to offices and portable toilets, we have a range of temporary buildings available for purchase or hire. When working in an industrial or construction environment, our solutions provide you with the strength and reliability you need.

We endeavour to make our service as straightforward for our customers as possible. As such, we will handle the delivery and retrieval of all container hire options independently. This guarantees that you will experience the best levels of service possible. When purchasing cabins for sale from us, you can rest assured that all of our products are made to the highest standards.

Buying temporary buildings and container hire services don’t have to be complicated. We remove any stress from the experience and always ensure the highest levels of health and safety are observed at all times.

To find out more about our services, please feel free to contact us today. You can find us at Tweedale Way, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire, OL9 7LD. Alternatively, call us on 0161 684 3333 or email us at

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