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Five Most Popular Festivals in the UK

For some the festival season is the pinnacle of the year, allowing punters to escape from the stress and routine of normal life. Whether it be indie-rock or drum-and-bass, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a festival that doesn’t suit you down to the ground. Showcasing the biggest acts in the world, it is reported that over fourteen million people visit festivals every year. As a result of this, every festival needs to supply an abundance of portable toilets to meet the needs of the festival-goers. At Manchester Cabins, our portable toilet hire services have got you covered to create the ultimate festival.

So what are the most popular festivals in the UK? Here are just five of them!

5. TRNSMT Festival

Formerly known as T in the Park, TRNSMT Festival is the biggest music festival that Scotland has to offer. Based in Glasgow Green and with a capacity of 50,000, TRNSMT has hosted acts from Liam Gallagher to Rita Ora.

4. Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Radio 1’s Big Weekend is a festival that is inherently unique to others in the sense that it is based in a different city every year. In previous years, the festival has been set up in cities like Exeter, Hull and Norwich. This allows for the smaller cities to showcase the biggest acts whilst exhibiting their unique culture.

3. Isle of Wight Festival

The Isle of Wight Festival is another event that is of particular importance because it is the only major festival based in the surrounding area. Opening its gates in 1968, the festival has since then expanded and developed a rich culture that now hosts over fifty-thousand visitors.

2. Reading and Leeds Festival

Whilst this festival event takes place in two separate locations, they both share the exact same line-up. Whilst Leeds holds a capacity of seventy-five thousand, Reading festival allows for ninety-thousand. Incorporating modern and urban acts onto the line-up as well as rock legends such as Foo Fighters or Red Hot Chili Peppers means that this festival is suited to all kinds of music lovers.

1. Glastonbury

Whilst you may think that Reading’s capacity of ninety-thousand is impressively high, Glastonbury absolutely knocks this figure out of the park with a staggering capacity of one hundred and forty thousand plus. Now that’s a lot of people! This festival is renowned for being near impossible to get tickets for, with the tickets in 2020 selling out in just thirty-three minutes.

When you have a festival with so many attendees, it is crucial that punters have access to adequate toilet facilities. If you are looking for toilet block hire for your festival, then Manchester Cabins are the right company for you. We have the ability to provide both toilet and shower facilities, so you can be assured that visitors will have the best experience. We can also provide container hire and anti-vandal offices. If you are convinced that Manchester Cabins are the right team for your festival, get in touch with our team today!

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