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Crowd Control: Scalable Facility Solutions for Events

Organising outdoor events requires thorough planning and scalable solutions to manage crowds. The key to a successful event is ensuring the free movement of people while maintaining comfort and safety. Portable facilities, including toilets, cabins, and containers, play a crucial role in this process.


This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide on how to scale up portable facilities to manage crowds effectively and enable the smooth movement of people at outdoor events.

The Importance of Scalable Facility Solutions

Customer Experience

Providing a sufficient number of facilities ensures that attendees have access to essential services, such as washrooms, toilets and showers. Scaled facilities reduce waiting times, allowing attendees to enjoy the event without long interruptions and enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

Safety and Hygiene

Strategically placed toilet facilities help distribute crowds evenly, reducing congestion and preventing overcrowding, which can cause safety hazards, such as crushing or pushing. Having enough facilities ensures that hygiene standards can be maintained, which is particularly important at events with large crowds.

Strategies for Scaling Up Portable Facilities

Effective crowd control at outdoor events depends on scalable facility solutions that ensure comfort, hygiene, and safety for all. To manage crowds, organisers should thoroughly assess needs, provide various facility types, and strategically place and maintain units.

Assessment and Planning

To scale up portable facilities according to the needs of your event, you must accurately estimate the number of people you expect to attend. Understanding the demographics of your audience, including the proportion of families, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities, also helps you determine the type of facilities required to satisfy the needs of each group.

Facility Types

Provide a variety of facilities, including standard portable toilets, accessible service toilets, and family-sized toilets. This caters to different needs and reduces the demand for any single type of facility. Multi-functional cabins can also be useful for various purposes, such as rest areas, nursing rooms, and medical stations, which prevent crowds from gathering in one spot.

Strategic Placement

Place facilities strategically throughout the event space to ensure easy access and reduce crowding. Facilities are crucial near main hotspots, such as stages, food areas, campsites, entrances and exits. Make sure facilities are well signposted to guide guests towards the nearest facilities, helping to spread out usage evenly.

Emergency Preparedness

It is recommended to have backup units on site, which can be set up quickly in case more people attend than expected or the demand is higher than predicted. Large events must have first-aid cabins with medical professionals in the event of an accident or injury.

Manchester Cabins

Manchester Cabins can support your event with our scalable portable facilities to ensure attendees have the best possible experience. For portable toilet hire, service toilets or container hire in Manchester or beyond, you can count on us.


To discuss the needs of your event or learn more about our space solutions, call us at 0161 684 3333 or contact us online.

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