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Create the Perfect She Shed from a Container Unit

Container units are frequently hired for offices or toilets on construction sites and other types of projects. What many people don’t realise, however, is that these cabins are frequently sold off once there are newer models on the market. You can purchase a container unit and set it up in your garden as your very own ‘she shed’.

What Is a She Shed?

A she shed is the opposite of a man cave. Women decided that men weren’t the only ones who should have their own spaces, so she sheds came about.

A she shed is usually outside the house and is literally a shed. However, it’s decorated to suit your needs and to give you a little haven away from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Many women use their shed as a space to hide out and relax, but some prefer to turn it into an office of sorts.

Container Units: What You Need to Know

Second-hand container units will not be in perfect condition, which is fine because you’ll be changing things up quite a bit anyway. There are container units for a variety of uses and they’re usually made from steel or another metal. They come in a range of sizes and designs, meant to fit any construction lot use.

Since these are often replaced, you can end up purchasing the old ones.

Choosing Your Container

Before you select a unit container , you’ll need to determine just what the purpose of your shed will be. Are you planning on using it to relax and watch movies? Sewing and crafts? Drinking wine with friends? This will help you determine what size you need and what type of container to select.

Containers range from small storage containers that are 10’x8’ to large office or canteen spaces that are 32’x10’. Obviously, the price increases with size, so you will also need to decide what your budget is. You’ll find it much more affordable to purchase a used container than one that is brand new, however.

Something else to consider is where to put the shed. Do you have room for a 32’ container in your garden?

Making the Container Your Own

The purpose of the shed will have a big impact on how you fix it. However, before we get to the inside, let’s look at how you can take an ugly container office and turn it into a beautiful piece of your garden.

Exterior Décor

The outside of the cabin will be fairly plain and dull to start with. It will probably have scratches and dents from being moved around and may not look anything like a relaxing haven. That’s fine, as you’ll be fixing that shortly.

The first step is to decide on paint vs. siding. Which would you prefer? If the container is particularly dented, you may want to cover it up with siding. However, keep in mind that siding will take longer to install than painting. You’ll also want to get trim and cut it to fit around any windows and the door.

Most unit cabins come with very utilitarian windows and doors, so you may wish to change those out. In most cases, though, they’re easy enough to work with. Just paint the trim a complementary colour and enjoy the look.

Flooring Options

Inside the cabin, you’ll find a utilitarian floor. Chances are, this will also be quite worn down and won’t look wonderful. You can resolve this problem fairly quickly, however. Painting the floor with paint designed specifically for the floor is one option, but this tends not to look much better than the original floor.

Vinyl or linoleum floors are still cost-effective but look infinitely better. They’re also long-lasting and can stand up to quite a bit of foot traffic. These are both options that can be installed in a day and you will immediately have a much nicer floor.

If you want to go for the most elegant style, choose wood flooring. You can purchase this in pre-formatted lengths that just need to be snapped together and cut to size, which means anyone can install it. A cosy wood floor really sets the tone for your she shed.

Tiles are another option but tend to require a lot more effort for installation. However, if you need an easily washable floor, then tile can be useful. It also allows for a range of styles since you can place the tiles however you please.

Finally, you can install carpet if you want a warmer feel to the space. This usually requires professional installation and will require layers of padding and such to ensure the floor is soft and comfortable. It can be quite luxurious to have a fully carpeted space.

Whatever flooring style you choose, you can lay area rugs around the room later, to give it more ambience and to warm the space up.

Interior Walls

The walls on the inside of the unit container are not likely to be very decorative, as they served a pretty basic function. This means you have free reign to decorate them as you wish. If the walls are bare metal, you can add drywall or wall panels to cover them and then paint or use wallpaper. Shiplap is also a popular choice for walls these days.

If the walls are already treated, it may only require some paint and minor patching to make them look amazing. While you’re painting the walls, go ahead and do the ceiling, too.

Window Treatments

Next up, the windows will need curtains or blinds to give them a more finished look. You can make these yourself or simply purchase something to fit. Make sure it goes with the décor you’ve planned. Having window treatments will allow you to really set the tone inside the shed.

Curtains also let you block out prying eyes and sunshine. You will need to have some decent lighting inside, but the cabin should already be set up for that.

Furnishing Your She Shed

Furniture will really make the shed function. This is where you’ll add in all the things you need to do what you want. If this will be an office for you, then you’ll want a desk and shelves. If you’re planning to use it for your hobbies, adding in storage, a table to work on, and a comfy chair will all be part of the process.

You’ll also have to bring in any equipment you need such as a sewing machine, computer, etc. All of these things will help you get your work done.

Finally, you need comfortable places to sit, particularly if you want to invite friends into your she shed. A small sofa or armchairs can be very nice additions if you have the space. Add in a side table and a bookshelf and you can store your favourite odds and ends there.

Adding the Final Touches

At this point, you have a beautiful getaway in your own garden and it just needs a few finishing details. These include:

Wall décor: Tapestries, photos, paintings and posters can all be used to create a more cohesive look for your space.

Lighting: Changing out the light fixtures that came with the unit will help you make it look homier, but you can also add more lights. Twinkle lights and electric candles create a specific mood and can really enhance the look.

Plants: Greenery has a way of making a place feel like home. You’ll enjoy a few plants around and these may be hung from above to limit the amount of floor space you use.

Garlands: Nothing makes a space more girly than hanging fun garlands about. Tassels, prayer flags, or whatever you desire may be slung from the ceiling to give a little more ambience to the space. This is your chance to make it your own, so go ahead and do just that.

Drapes: Fabric can be draped on walls or from the ceiling to soften the look of a space. It’s a very simple way to decorate with minimal effort and when combined with garlands, you get a truly beautiful look.

Your she shed is your own, special space where you can go to relax and rejuvenate. There’s a lot to be said for having a retreat in your garden, but it’s easy to take something as simple as a unit container and turn it into a beautiful space that you can enjoy daily.

Are you in the market for a unit container? At Manchester Cabins, we have a range of cabins to sell as our new products come in. Contact us now to find out what we have available.

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