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Why A Portable Shipping Container Makes A Perfect Home

Thinking of moving home but want something personalised and unique to your tastes and desires? Then a shipping container is surely the right place to look. Compared with traditional housing a shipping container home can be an easy and affordable way of constructing a new home and can take less than ten weeks to be finalised.

An eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective way of living, a shipping container has the potential to be the future of housing across the world, and with a unique ambience and design, you'll be sure to love it! Once you're sure you want to live in a container home, start by working with the right professionals to get it right from the start.

The Benefits

A growing trend among homeowners that's steadily increased over the last few years, with the price of purchasing either property or land seemingly out of reach for many first time buyers or even those already on the property ladder. Because of this, many people have turned to a new solution for property ownership. We're talking, of course, about shipping container homes.

With many people seeking comfortable, durable, space-saving and eco-friendly solutions to their way of living, shipping containers represent a forward-thinking answer to the many problems facing both our individual lives and collective society.

Below are just some of the key advantages of installing and owning a shipping container home:


In terms of pricing, the cost of kitting out your new shipping container home in comparison to building a typical home from scratch is night and day. Since the steel container is already built, you have an immediate head start on the foundation of your home, the steel shell will only need a few alterations, such as holes for windows and doors, to have a completely solid exterior. You'll still have to consider the flooring, insulation, interior and any other features you'd like for your home, but against the cost of insulating an entire home from top to bottom, a shipping container is far more cost-effective.


Made from solid steel, a material that is easily recycled, shipping container homes are a brilliant solution to help protect the environment without being affected in a negative sense. Compared with the environmental impact of building a new home, a shipping container is considerably less harmful to the environment. With a shipping container, you won't even have to cut down any trees for materials or to make space, after all, your mini home can pretty much fit anywhere, without the need to massively infringe upon the natural earth.


Due to their material, and the fact that they are traditionally used for the mass transportation of valuable freight and shipment, shipping containers are both weather consistent and incredibly durable. Manufacturing companies deliberately make shipping containers strong enough to withstand a multitude of conditions, from 100mph winds to heavy rain and lightning, meaning they're perfectly suited for the exterior of a new home.


Believe it or not, but when it comes to a shipping container home, the limitations on where you can live don't have to apply. A shipping container can be the perfect portable home, one that you can simply attach to a tow truck, or load up onto a flatbed, and head out onto the road with, offering you endless location possibilities. We recommend bolting your home wherever you decide to build your home, if you weld it in place upon installation, you won't be able to simply pick up your container and head off to your desired destination.


Because of their simplicity, shipping containers are incredibly easy to personalise. You can decide upon how many windows you'd like for instance, or whether there's room expansion for a small upstairs bedroom and a staircase, or if you'd prefer a single bungalow style home or even a subterranean container with space downstairs. Whatever your specifications, it's all down to you, your personality will define your space, interior and decor, so don't be afraid to get creative.

As an added bonus, you can even combine an extra container or two with your initial structure to create a larger home, simply by removing any interior walls. This will increase the interior floor space but will add to the overall costs and time needed during construction.

Easy Construction

Let's be honest, we've all heard a number of horror stories when it comes to delays on construction. Traditional homes are expected to take up to six months to complete, but you can practically guarantee, with the complex legal ramifications and levels of finance involved, there's going to be a hitch or two somewhere along the way that'll lead to an extension on the estimated completion date. In contrast, a shipping container can be stripped, refitted within 4-10 weeks, meaning you'll be sleeping in your new home within no time.

Equally, with shipping containers, the interior fitting or exterior construction of your new home can be performed off-site and well in advance, meaning you can perfect your new home from wherever you need before you transport it to the new location. A workforce can even be hired to construct and transport your container upon completion. This will help you save on construction costs, reducing the need to incur heavy transportation expenses for all materials and labour directed to your chosen site.


Due to the presumed location of your shipping container home, (usually found in secluded or rural areas), there are concerns when it comes to protecting your home, your assets and of course, yourself. Needless to say, steel shipping containers are tough enough to handle most break-ins, and for this reason, will more than likely deter the threat of unwanted intruders, burglary or property damage. Regardless of its location, your shipping container home will be strong enough to withstand most threat's, from unwanted visitors to extreme weather conditions.

The Build

Once you've obtained your shipping container, found your chosen location, acquired planning permissions and materials, and after you've planned out your interior design, it's time to start putting your new home together. Here are the key steps to get right:

Cut Your Openings

You'll need to cut openings for your doors and windows, this is dependent on your design specifications, as to the style and volume needed, but we sure to have sourced all of your doors and windows before you cut your openings, so you can be sure you've cut them to the correct size and shape. Try marking your container in the construction process and highlighting the location of your doors and windows in the design plan, so you know exactly where to cut from the early stages of development. Once you've installed your new doors and windows, they will need to be sealed and treated to protect the container from the elements and to insulate effectively.

Remove Flooring

It's likely that you will want to remove the existing floor from the shipping container. This is due to the current floor being treated with harsh chemicals that are unsuitable for your home and personal health. If you don't want to remove the existing floor, it's not a requirement, but we recommend adding a subfloor level in this case, to provide an extra layer of protection against the chemicals.

In order to protect against the elements, in particular the cold, you'll need to insulate your shipping container home to ensure a warm and comfortable house all year round. You'll need to add framing to the entire container, insert insulation and then fit the internal walls. Spray foam or insulation panels will help maintain a good temperature in your home, especially in the winter and is a necessary requirement in the construction process.

The next step is to add all your electrics and fixtures, which can either be performed yourself or via a professional.


The final stage of the process is where your true personality comes in! Once complete, it's time to add the finishing touches to your home with the addition of a few coats of paint, in order to make the walls moisture-proof and to add the right ambience and colour scheme to your new house. The extra additions are all down to you, from plants to furniture, this is where the fun begins, so enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to make your space flourish.

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