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Convert a Steel Container into a Workshop

Who doesn’t need more space for a workshop in their garden? Often, people find themselves attempting to do their building and manage their projects in the garage, which means they either work around the vehicles or have nowhere to park.

A solution to the problem is to purchase a steel shipping container and put it to good use. If you feel that this may be too small to work with, there are some excellent ways to make use of the space. For example:

Create a Hinged Side

By cutting out one long side or part of it, you can convert the section into a door that lifts up and stands on drop-down posts. This instantly gives you a lot of covered space where you can work on varnishing, painting, cutting, etc.

The hinged door also means you have plenty of air coming into the workshop and keeping it fresh. If done correctly, a single person can raise or lower the door for security.

Add Floor to Ceiling Shelves

Maximise your space by adding as many shelves as possible for your tools and odds and ends. You can purchase pre-made shelving units that stand alone, or attach your own shelves as needed to get the heights you require.

It’s usually a good idea to include closed cabinets below your shelves, along with a countertop, to provide plenty of storage space and a working room. Again, you can purchase pre-made or design and build your own.

Hang Your Wood

Can’t find a good way to stack your wood for later use? Consider hanging it instead. You can do this by either installing floating shelves hanging down from the roof to hold boards that you slide into place, or you can install U-shaped holders on the walls. These hold the boards standing on their long edges and can be set along the entire height of the wall so you can store assorted sizes of wood or even metal sheeting, depending on your needs.

The U holders are easy to use and let you access the wood quite rapidly. They also make it possible to hold longer pieces than if you were to set the boards upright for storage.

Getting a steel storage container is easier than you might expect. In fact, you should be able to find a used one fairly easily.

We offer a range of used containers for purchase or hire. Contact Manchester Cabins today for more information.

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