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Container Hire | Why Choose an Anti-Vandal Office?

Thinking of investing in an anti-vandal office for your construction site? An anti-vandal office can prove vital to your business, particularly if you are working in the construction industry. In this helpful guide, we provide a list of essential benefits to anti-vandal container hire, from increasing your security against the risk of vandalism and burglary, to the ability to customise and purpose build your layout.

Safe & Secure

Let’s face it; criminal damage is not uncommon in the UK, with literally millions of incidents reported every year, costing victims time, money and emotional duress. Whilst criminal damage and burglary is more often than not associated with shops, supermarkets and pubs, the risk is just as high, (if not more so), on construction sites. A portable storage container, set-up as your very own on-site office, will likely withhold computing equipment, personal and professional documents, and potentially sensitive information on your premises. It’s crucial that this is protected against the threat of damage or theft with an anti-vandal office, in order to protect employees, your business and prevent the risk of putting construction work on hold.

Peace Of Mind

As an extension of the above point; investing in an anti-vandal office will promote safety and security, with all our units, designed at our very own factory in Manchester, custom built from tough corrugated and equipped with an insurance approved padlock. This prevents the risk of loss occurring as a result of theft, as well as minimising the impact of any damage or vandalism, thereby ensuring your construction site office is kept safe throughout the project.

Flexible Layouts

A key advantage of container hire, anti-vandal offices can be constructed in a flexible manner, to meet your exact requirements and needs. At Manchester Cabins, we’re proud to offer a whole host of anti-vandal cabin sizes to match our client’s requirements. If you’re looking to maximise space, we recommend the 21’x9’6” anti-vandal office. Alternatively, for a smaller solution, the 10′x8′ is an ideal solution for a portable anti-vandal office.

If you’re looking to accommodate a particularly large workforce but have restrictions in terms of space, you may wish to consider our 20’x8’ steel office cabin, which can be intelligently stacked on top of the other, then fitted with an access stairway. This will double the area of your workspace, whilst only taking up the area of one cabin; which can prove incredibly useful on smaller construction sites.

Looking for anti-vandal offices in Manchester? At Manchester Cabins, our anti-vandal cabins are custom built at our factory in Manchester from tough corrugated steel and are all equipped with an insurance approved padlock. Our portable buildings are dependable, cost-effective and versatile, capable of suiting a wide range of situations and applications. For reliable container hire services, get in touch with our team today.

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