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Commonly Asked Questions About Portable Toilets, Jackleg Cabins and Anti-Vandal Units

Portable buildings and toilets are a great solution for a number of situations. From outdoor weddings to construction site facilities, there are hire options to suit every requirement. As a short-term or temporary way of meeting your needs, you may be wondering how these buildings work and if they’re the best choice for you - we’ve got the answers!

It’s always a good idea to get clued up before you go ahead with a hire agreement. But, the great thing is that there are plenty of options for everyone including flexible hire durations, various facilities and more. To help you decide which product is best for you, we’ve put together this helpful guide of the most commonly asked questions.

Read on for all you need to know about portable toilets, jackleg cabins and more.

What can cabins be used for?

Cabins are a great multi-purpose building that can work for many different reasons. Anti-vandal cabins or jackleg cabins are available as single or double blocks which makes them ideal for short-term use. Commonly, these types of buildings are used for the following purposes:


●Temporary classrooms

●Pop-up kiosks

●Ticket booths

●First aid facilities

●Temporary kitchen facilities

●Sleeping accommodation

The idea is that they provide a temporary solution but still offer the practicality needed, however, there are many more ways that you can use these cabins.

Where does portable toilet waste go?

Portable toilet blocks are very convenient, especially on worksites. There are two main options for portable toilets - mains connected and those with a built-in waste container. If you’re thinking of hiring a portable toilet then don’t worry you won’t have to empty it as the hire company will take care of that. If the toilet is connected to the mains then all of the waste will be flushed away, however, if not the waste will sit in a container below the toilet until it is ready to be emptied. Toilet waste is always taken to a special disposal site to ensure that it is thrown away in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Are toilet blocks serviced?

When you hire a portable toilet block they will need to be cleaned and replenished at some point. Most hire companies offer these services so your toilet remains in a hygienic and usable condition for the duration of your hire agreement. If you are hiring portable toilets for an event, for example, they can get dirty pretty quickly. But, serviced toilets are regularly checked so you haven’t got to worry about blockages or other problems.

Checks include but are not limited to:

●Wiping down internal surfaces (Jet wash if necessary)

●Recharging the chemicals

●Recharging the water in the hand basin

●Replenishing toilet rolls

●Replenishing soap

●Replacing air fresheners

●Creating a toilet service record

At Manchester Cabins, we offer serviced toilets that are modern and easy to install. Our team has been providing portable buildings for over 37 years to businesses, communities and independent clients. We have a huge number of units available with all costs presented upfront. With fast deliveries and collections anywhere in the Manchester and North West area and our exemplary customer service, the choice is easy!

What makes anti-vandal cabins safe?

Anti-vandal cabins, as the name suggests, are designed to be durable and secure. If you would like to hire a cabin but are concerned about its safety, you’ll be glad to know that anti-vandal cabins are made from corrugated steel so they are sturdy and tough as well as having an insurance approved padlock.

In vulnerable locations, this type of cabin is a perfect choice. For added security, you may want to invest in CCTV, on-site monitoring, fencing or something similar. However, when you choose an anti-vandal cabin rather than a standard design you can rest assured that the added security will most definitely help.

How are portable buildings installed?

Whether you’re hiring a toilet or a cabin, installing your building is easy. All you need to ensure is that you have enough space and if you’re expecting a toilet block that’s connected to the mains, then you need this kind of access. Each building requires a different amount of space so make sure you know the measurements and have cleared an appropriate area before the delivery arrives.

All buildings will be delivered and at a time that suits you so you’ll be up and running in no time as the expert team installs your cabin or toilet block quickly. When you are finished with it, the team will return with a pickup truck to remove the building.

What are the benefits of hiring a portable loo?

Portable toilets can benefit both commercial and residential clients in a number of situations. The main benefit is that portable toilets are convenient solutions to areas that do not have indoor toilet access. For example at work, at events or for personal use, portable toilets are great for short-term use so the area remains clean and tidy.

Although some people may be a little hesitant about using a portable toilet, the advantages are very likely to outweigh the cons, including:

●They are super convenient and can be easily moved around a site.

●For business owners, having a portable loo on site will keep your employees working efficiently instead of spending a long time finding a nearby bathroom.

●Portable loos and cost-effective.

●They can be used for personal events such as weddings or outdoor parties as well as for business use.

How much does it cost to hire a jackleg cabin?

The overall hire cost of any portable building including jackleg cabins will depend on many factors such as the size, how long you are hiring it for and if you are purchasing any additional features. Since one of the top benefits of portable building hire is their affordability, there are plenty of cost-effective options available. You should be able to receive a free quote beforehand, that way you can weigh up your options and find the best agreement for you.

Manchester Cabins: Portable Building Hire Throughout Manchester

At Manchester Cabins, we offer a range of portable buildings including toilet blocks, cabins and more. If you’re looking for a temporary work setup or you require toilet hire for your event or construction site, we have everything you need. With years of experience in portable building hire, our team can help you find the right product for your needs all at an affordable price.

Our quality units are all purpose-built at our factory in Manchester but we also offer tailor-made solutions such as furniture so your cabin is easily customisable. Whether you order a toilet block or cabin, you’ll benefit from quick delivery and pick-ups by our efficient team. We have a fleet of modern vehicles to transport every order and every driver we employ adheres strictly to our safe working practices. At Manchester Cabins, our staunch commitment to customer service

Look no further than Manchester Cabins for high-quality portable buildings. We serve business and domestic customers across Liverpool, Wigan, Blackburn and other locations in the North West. For an immediate quote call 0161 684 3333 today.

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