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Common Misconceptions About Portable Loos

Some people have little experience using portable toilets and perhaps find the thought of using a portable bathroom pretty baffling, believing them to be nothing more than inconvenient, unsanitary, and generally unpleasant. However, this is pretty far from the truth. Portable restrooms can be used for all kinds of venues as well as events, so we’ve heard just about every portable toilet rumour you can think of. Today we want to set the record straight about portable bathroom misconceptions and why they’re wrong.

Here in this blog, we run through some of the most common misconceptions surrounding portable toilets. So without further ado, let’s get started!

All portable toilets look unattractive

A full row of plastic portable toilets are a common sight at festivals, village fairs, and large scale outdoor events. Ok, the standard portable toilet box may not be all that to look at, however, there are plenty of options out there - more than you might realise! Portable toilets are much easier on the eyes that you realise and if you opt for serviced toilets, they will come with all the amenities you could wish for. This includes frequent checks, recharging of the water in the hand basin and a wipe down of surfaces if required. This does not make for an unpleasant experience!

Portable toilets are unsanitary

Portable toilets have a reputation for not necessarily being as clean as regular toilets or perhaps being dirty and unsanitary. However, when properly maintained, they’re very easy to keep clean. Prior to being installed, each unit is thoroughly washed, inside and out, so your guests won’t have to live in constant fear of going to use the toilet when they need to.

Portable toilets smell bad and are uncomfortable to use

An unclean portable toilet is a smelly portable toilet. That’s why each unit will be cleaned and sanitized before it’s installed at your event! Modern portable loos also feature advanced ventilation systems to keep the smells and the heat from making the unit uncomfortable while the toilet is in use.

No sink means I can’t wash my hands

Some portable toilets will actually have sinks to wash your hands, but not all of them. In which case, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to leave the toilet with unclean hands. If the toilet does not have a handwashing station, there will always be a well-stocked hand sanitizer dispenser mounted to the interior of the box. Before your guests leave the loo, they can use the hand sanitizer as liberally as they want to as they leave! This is both convenient and sanitary.

They’re only good for festivals and informal events

The classic portable toilet is designed to provide a place for your guests to use the facilities as much as they need to. For lots of people, these units are too casual for use at formal events. That’s where a portable serviced toilet can come in use. These often feature all the added essentials turning them into normal house bathrooms that you can move around essentially!

Portable toilets do not have disability access

There are often disabled portable toilets which permit access to anyone who needs to use them but namely people who require wheelchair access. This will certainly lend an extra degree of comfort and convenience to your event and are completely accessible for any guest who needs to use them.

I don't think I will need them for my event

Portable toilet trailers are essential for just about any event, in fact, they may well be a requirement. There’s no specific rule dictating how many you’ll need but be sensible in regards to planning your event and it's certainly better to overprepare - without doubt there will be demand for them. Make sure you have enough facilities and this will certainly keep everyone happy. There is nothing worse than having to spend ages queuing when you have come to an event to have fun!

All you need is one toilet

For small events, a single toilet might be adequate, but it varies on how many people will be in there. Have you ever had to wait in a huge line to use the toilet before? As mentioned in the previous point, why put your guests through that when you can simply rent out another unit and cut that queue in half?

Portable toilets are just for building sites

Absolutely not. This misconception is very outdated. It seems like many people refuse to rent portable toilets because “they’re only used on building sites” when totally necessary. Yes, portable toilets are a staple for many job sites, but they’re perfect for just about every type of outdoor occasion we can think of as well. Festivals, weddings, parties, and fairs all benefit from having a couple portable toilets nearby, and this is a great reassurance and relief for many people!

Portable toilets are bad for the environment

Some people still hold the opinion that portable loos are cleaned and sanitised with harmful chemicals, but this is simply the source of this myth. Moreover, improvements in technology have decreased the negative environmental impact of these chemicals. Any reliable and respected portable toilet company will dispose of all waste using proper sewage handling and processing procedures.

Portable toilets are unsafe

We’ve all heard of horror stories of people being locked in a portable toilet or having to withstand the embarrassment of having the unit tipped up while someone is inside trying to use the toilet in peace. This is nonsense and any individual organising an event that’s expected to attract lively attendees or that will be serving alcohol will often have site staff supervising the portable toilet areas to make sure that the guests are safe, ensuring that queues are orderly and make sure that there’s plenty of loo roll to go around.

In conclusion, please do not allow these common misconceptions to keep you from using portable toilets for your next event. Not only will you thank yourself later when your attendees are happy and thankful there are toilet facilities, you are also going to be reducing bathroom lines, and this in turn, will allow you all the more time to focus on the event giving you the chance to be an even more gracious host!

Manchester Cabins, Quality Container Hire and Storage Solutions Based in Manchester

Here at Manchester Cabins, we proudly offer quality portable serviced toilets. Established in 1979, our team has been providing high-quality portable serviced toilet hire to businesses and community groups for over 37 years. We have a huge number of units available with all costs presented upfront. With fast deliveries and collections anywhere in the Manchester and North West area and our exemplary customer service, the choice is simple. We are highly passionate about making the hiring of portable cabins as easy as possible, from the first promptly answered phone call through to the collection of the units at the end of hire, rent a portable cabin from us. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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