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Can a Portable Cabin Become a Tiny House?

Tiny houses are exactly what they sound like, very small homes. So, is it possible to turn a portable cabin into a tiny house?

Most people have an image of a tiny house in their heads, a little two-story space with a gabled roof and little steps out front. However, there’s no hard and fast rule about how the house must look. You can use anything that works for you.

How Much Space Do You Need?

First, look at all the things you absolutely need in your home. This varies according to your own needs, but in general, you’ll need:

- A bed

- A cooker/toaster oven/microwave

- A fridge

- Storage space

- Toilet

- Sink

- Shower

Many of these things may be tucked away or put up during the day. Your cooking area may be stacked so you have it all in a very small space. However, once you’ve looked at all that you need, it’s time to figure out how much actual space you need. Can you fit it all in a single 9x9-foot cabin? What about a 24x9-foot cabin?

There are many different sizes of portable cabins that are available, so you can easily figure out what size you need.

Managing the Conversion

The next thing to do is look at ways to incorporate everything into your chosen space. This means making maximum use of space. Look at doing the plumbing first, then wiring for electricity if necessary. You’ll want these things out of the way before you add everything else.

Once the shower, toilet, and sink are all in, take the time to install your shelving and other features. Will your bed flip up during the day or convert to a sofa? Is there extra space beneath? Should your table be fixed or swing out from the wall? These little details are often best managed by an expert or builder who can ensure it’s all safe for you to use.

Once everything is built and set up, you can place your cabin where you want to live and get to it. There are many advantages to living in a tiny house, such as keeping your belongings in check and reducing your expenses. You won’t have much space to clean up, either.

If people can make a van into their home, it’s quite possible to convert a simple jackleg cabin into a place to live. Why not contact Manchester Cabins and find out what we have to offer?

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