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Buildings Site Essentials You May Have Missed

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The hectic nature of working on a building site can see plenty of information and instructions fly under the radar, but when it comes to safety essentials and crucial on-site additions, you can’t afford to miss out. Depending on the scale of the project being worked on, you may require facilities for just a handful of staff, or you may even need to cater for dozens of workmen - regardless, below are a selection of easily-forgotten site essentials, bought to you by the trustworthy portable hire experts at Manchester Cabins.

Markings For A Secure Perimeter

A secure perimeter should be created between the site you’re working on, and any publicly accessible footpaths, walkways or roads, and the easiest way to mark this out is by creating a visible perimeter between the distinct areas. An absolute health and safety must-have, these taped-off or signposted perimeters can be created by forming barriers and creating cordoned zones which instruct individuals in clear and bold writing not to pass through under any circumstances. Though this won’t directly benefit those who are working on the site, it prevents unauthorised strangers from accessing a potentially dangerous location.

Portable Toilets

When nature calls, you need to answer, and portable toilets are the most efficient and time-saving way to allow workmen to access a toilet. Available to hire from Manchester Cabins, a leading portable spaces specialist in the North of England, we can cater to your exact needs, be it a rank of spacious toilet spaces with privacy and security, or a single cubicle arrangement for a smaller project. Based in Oldham, our portable toilets are serviced weekly, regularly cleaned and easily maintained for container hire.


Another essential related to staff and public safety, personal protective equipment (PPE) has been a mainstay on construction sites for a number of years - and for good reason. Able to prevent injury and protect the wearer from potential hazards, PPE may include reinforced plastic goggles, hard hats for falling objects and even face masks which filter out harmful particles and stop you from inhaling dust. Suppliers of PPE may be able to offer discounts and deals when you purchase in bulk.

Bins And Waste Containers

Bins and waste containers are ideal for storing rubbish, and may be a cost-effective alternative to a large skip. Contain equipment, materials and large objects without cluttering the site floor, while keeping everything organised, or simply use such an area to dispose of excess you don’t need. Manchester Cabins may have the perfect storage area for you - so browse and discover your ideal option for container hire.

Searching for ‘service toilets preston’ or ‘portable toilet hire near me’? Manchester Cabins are a leading provider of portable cabins, building solutions, toilet facilities and much more. Ideal for festivals, temporary sites and construction environments, consult a member of our friendly team today to discuss your options - we would be delighted to assist.

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