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Benefits of Hiring a Portable Building

A temporary building offers solutions where it would not be possible to install permanent structures. Temporary buildings are low cost, quickly constructed and able to be installed on difficult sites such as muddy or remote areas, that might not otherwise be possible for permanent buildings to be erected. Whether you need secure storage on a construction site, additional hygienic food storage, agriculture, temporary classrooms or even more office space.

Low Investment

Whether you hire or purchase portable temporary buildings, the investment is small compared to a more permanent structure. In some cases, costs can be up to 70% less compared to buying.

Most finance options are flexible, and the monthly costs or hiring portable temporary buildings can be consistently estimated over a long term period for the business.

Low Financial Risk

Hiring is the lowest risk financial option. You don’t have to worry about selling off your assets for a lower price than you bought them for when you hire buildings, as you can hire a building for the length of time you need, giving the building back or extending it when you need it.

These options give you the option of increasing or reducing your facilities as your business contracts or grows.

Minimal Commitment

Temporary buildings offer great solutions for your business, and hire options to give you the chance to try out a solution before committing to anything permanent or wasting resources on longer-term solutions that your business may grow out of.

Minimal Disruption

Excavation and heavy-duty equipment may be necessary for providing the solid foundations needed for permanent buildings whereas only flat ground is required for a portable cabin. This means minimal downtime and disruption associated with longer-term building projects.

Utilise Space

If you have an area of space on your site that is currently not being utilised, a temporary building can help you to create value from this space. Whether you need extra storage for equipment, a temporary office space, or a clean space for keeping sterilised equipment or refrigerated goods, we can help.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to inquire about our portable buildings, including the different size options we have available, our pricing and how we can best deliver them to your site.

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