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5 Common Myths About Portable Buildings

Portable cabins can be used for a variety of purposes and often provide people with a great temporary or long-term solution. We’re starting to see more and more portable buildings being used in all types of industries, however, due to the relative newness of these temporary buildings, there are a lot of misconceptions that may be stopping people from hiring them.

Here we’ll debunk some of the common myths about portable cabins and buildings.

They’re cold and uncomfortable

When you think about a temporary cabin, you may think it’s a rickety building with poor insulation, but portable buildings can be just as comfortable as many other more substantial structures. As new innovations in construction come about, the portable cabins that we can enjoy have even better insulation and high-end sealing properties that offer better protection against the elements. This means you can enjoy a portable cabin that feels like any other building.

They’re not environmentally friendly

Some people are concerned about how environmentally unfriendly portable cabins or temporary buildings are because they are only used for a short amount of time. However, many people are unaware of how these types of buildings are created. Some containers and cabins are made from steel which is one of the most sustainable metals on the planet, it’s highly recyclable and requires a small production process.

They’re poor quality and unsafe

Often, people are under the impression that portable buildings are less robust and therefore unsafe, particularly in bad weather. However, many people don’t understand the manufacturing process of these buildings or what materials are used to construct them. Portable buildings are developed to strict safety codes and regulations and follow rigorous industry-approved standards. This ensures they are strong and safe so that everybody can feel at ease and comfortable when using them.

They’re limited in use

Perhaps you believe that portable cabins can only be used for a small and specific amount of uses. However, this isn’t true and they can actually be adapted to work for whatever you require them for. Portable cabins can be used as self-contained living areas, accommodation for festival-goers, additional living space for university students and much more. They are a great addition to many sites and locations to help a range of industries complete their projects within budget and on time.

They’re utilitarian

Often, these buildings are seen as uniform and uninviting but can be designed to suit a range of requirements. Perhaps you’re building a tiny home in the woods, your cabin can be painted to fit into the environment or with bright colours. Or maybe you’re adding extra accommodation to a university campus, you could add creature comforts such as heating, toilets, showers and insulation to make the building much more habitable.

Manchester Cabins provides a range of portable buildings that are great for a variety of uses. We provide a cost-effective solution for portable building hire in Manchester. We also have cabins for sale so you can add your mark to your new building. For more information, get in touch with our team.

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