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4 Creative Uses For Storage Containers

Updated: Feb 19

When we think of storage containers, it is often construction sites, docks and shipyards that come to mind. What’s more, they’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a multitude of ways. Alongside their conventional applications, such as equipment and large belongings storage, they are often adapted for more exciting purposes. Below, we’ll run through a handful of leftfield ways to utilise storage containers.

Container cabin

Gym Spaces

First up on our list is one for fitness fanatics; storage containers can easily be used as workout areas, providing a secure location for weights, equipment and other necessities. Owing to their incredibly sturdy construction, they make ideal spaces for heavy equipment, weight racks and other machines. Often, individuals choose to line the floor with mats or some form of wood laminate.

What’s more, on warmer days the doors can simply be opened, granting the best of both worlds, an indoor gym with a cool breeze.


Next up on our list may sound a little crazy at first, but many businesses around the world have successfully converted storage containers into well-equipped workspaces. Due to their portability and uniform shape, storage containers can be positioned almost anywhere, including rural sites, and used to work from.

Here at Manchester Cabins, we even offer purpose-built Jackleg cabins and anti-vandal units that are perfect for office use.


Moving onto an even more creative application for storage containers, many artists, musicians, painters and sculptures choose to use such units as their workspaces. Storage containers are an ideal solution for those in need of a place to create that is away from their house.

Storage containers provide an abundance of space for equipment such as easels, pottery wheels and more. What’s more, they are safe and secure, so there is no worry about equipment being left out in sheds or outbuildings.


Last but not least on our list of uses for storage containers is living space. Alternative housing spaces are becoming more and more common in cities all over the world owing to their stackable and convertible nature. This provides a cost effective solution to meet housing needs and is often converted to a point of real luxury.

Manchester Cabins

Storage containers are, without a doubt, incredibly versatile. From gyms and studios to office spaces and even liveable housing, they can be adapted and repurposed to suit almost every requirement. Of course, if there is one thing they are best known for, it’s their safe, secure storage capabilities.

Whether you work in construction and are looking for on-site tool and equipment storage, or are looking to keep an array of personal belongings locked away, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and discover the ways in which we can help.

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